IADC 547GT 6 1/2 inch well drilling tricone bit

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Tungsten Carbide
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Place of Origin:
Hebei, China
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IADC 547GT 6 1/2inch
Tungsten Carbide
Well Drilling
guarantee period:
3-4 years
6 1/2 inch 165.1mm
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
500 Piece/Pieces per Month
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wooden case or as your requirements

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We have all size of tricone bits,PDC bits,core bits,steel tooth bits,insert tricone bits,single cone bits,hole opener,assemble tricone bit,etc. Suitable for soft to hard formations.

   CASTING PROCESS IADC 547GT 6 1/2inch well drilling tricone bit



6 1/2inch  165.1mm


3 1/2 inch

 Nozzle NO.

 3 or 4

Nozzle OD


Assembly length






sealed type

 rubber sealed

bearing type

 sliding bearing







Applicable formation

  medium soft with harder formation, more abrasive streaks,such as hard shale,mudstone,soft limestone,etc.

 Payment terms





 By sea,by air,by train,by DHL,etc.


 The advantage:



Cutting structure

The wear-resistance of teeth is enhanced with premium tungsten carbide hardfacing on the tooth surfaces for steel tooth bit.The durability of premium tungsten carbide inserts is improved with new formulas and new techniques for insert bit.

Gauge structure

Multiple gauge protection with gauge trimmers on the heel and gauge inserts on the gauge surface of the cone ,tungsten carbide inserts and hardfacing on the shirttail increases gauge holding capability and bearing life.

Bearing structure

High precision journal bearing with two thrust faces.Balls lock the cone.The leg bearing can get larger by arranging the rollers in groove of the cone hole,so it can receive mor WOB ,and suitable for high RPM.Thrust faces hardfaced with wear resistant alloy.Abrasion resistance and seizure of the bearing are improved.

Seal and Lubrication

Premium HNBR O-ring,optimal seal compression and curved seal structure can enhance seal performance. The pressure compensator system and advanced grease can greatly increase the lubricating reliability.

Product application

It can receive higher WOB and faster rotary speed than conventional roller bearing bits.It is suitable for high RPM applications.

 2,                                Application for bit



In Petroleum & Gas ,Water well ,Mining and Tectonic Industries ,Oil field, Construction, Geothermal, Directional Boring, and Underground Foundation work.








3,product introduction: 

 1, Tricone bit




                                           The bit structure




Cone bit is composed by cutting structure, bearing structure, the locking element and oil sealing device,  nozzle device, more than 20 kinds of parts .

The leg material is 15CrNiMo,a tricone bit is composed of 3 legs.The cone material is 15CrNi4Mo.The tooth type is include steel tooth and insert tooth.Insert tooth is punch in outside of the cone.The steel tooth is milled from the cone directly.the tooth is engage each other,

Can break comprehensive rock effectively and without repeated  and prevent alveolar mudbag .

Bit tooth shape, size, quantity, depending on the drilled strata hardness, formation is soft, then the teeth larger and more pointed, the fewer quantity.


Bit Nozzle type:S-series, P-series,M-series.A bit uaually include 3 or 4 nozzles.Diameter7-14mm. It is fixed in the hydrophthalmia with circlip and sealed with O-ring.


Roller arrangement:

1,Non self washing no slide layout:suitable for hard formations.

2,Self cleaning does not shift shaft arrangement: suitable for medium formations.


Beraing of bit :


 Bearing structure  include Cone cavity, claw shaft neck, bearing the runway, the locking element . Each cone has large, medium and small and the thrust bearing ,toal four paybearing. Big, small bearings bear radial load; medium bearing used in locking and positioning;thrust bearing  bear axial load.

Oil lubrication sealing system:

Sealing system include two types : O-ring sealed ,metal sealed.

 operational principle :Oil pressure compensation system (the pressure transmission hole, pressure compensation film, oil etc.) to keep equilibrium  between the oil and fluid pressure in the well .When oil pressure reduce , oil in  storage cup is added  into bearing cavity in the effect of drilling fluid column pressure.When Oil pressure of  the bearing cavity increase, oil  fluid into the cup.So,well sealed is very important.


 Different tooth corresponding different formation



                                                                           operational principle of roller bit

1,Movement in the bottom of the well


Roller rotating along with a drill, clockwise


Teeth counterclockwise rotation around the axis, said rotation, counter clockwise


The tooth  slip with respect to the bottom , including radial (axial) and tangential.

The longitudinalvibration

In the rolling process, the center ups and downs, so that the drill bit  do reciprocating movement up and down.

2,rock-breaking mechanism:

Shock ,crush;slip shear.


  Roller cone bit nozzle and assembly size 

bit size

nozzle OD

assembly length

nozzle jetting ID






3 1/2-5 1/2





5 5/8-7 3/8





7 1/2-8 1/4





8 3/8-14 5/8





>=14 3/4






API roller cone bit tolerances

bit size





3 3/8-13 3/4



14-17 1/2



>=17 5/8




Recommended roller cone bit make-up torque

bit sizeAPI pinrecommended torque
ininN · m
3 1/2-4 1/22 3/84100-4700
4 5/8-52 7/86100-7500
5 1/8-7 3/83 1/29500-12200
7 1/2-94 1/216300-21700
9 1/8-146 5/838000-43400
14 3/4-17 1/27 5/846100-54200
18 1/2-288 5/854200-81300

Photos show:







2,Diamond drilling bit


 diamond pdc core bits for coal mining are the new bits with the characteristics of high wear resistance, high impact resistance, 


high penetration rate. After using on site, it is proved that PDC bits have advantages in high speed,deep footage, long life, 


steady work, few accident, good well bore quality when sneaking in hard or soft foundation. Company independently developed 


the PDC drill bits have reached more than 30 varieties of products to meet the needs of different strata.




PDC bits characteristics:


1. Uses outline optimization design, adapts in different strata.


2. Short parabolic crown, cutting force balance design structure, spiral knife wing, balance the bit force, improve 


impact resistance.


3. Uses the dynamic flow field technique of simulation, optimizes the drill bit water power design, strengthens the drill bit clean, cooling capacity and prevents the drill bit balling.


4. Using high performance compound piece combination , enhances the bit life.




The design capability


Bit design system


The bit design system with self-owned intellectual property rights can provide the bit design plalform based on the network database,promote share and accumulation of the relevant knowledge about product design,accelerate the speed of design and improve the design and improve the design quality to shorten product development period.


Bit performance simulation system


The bit performance simulation system is based on the principle between drill bit and rock,conducting computational experiment and analysis of the bit performance.With the help of this system,designer can simulate the process of rock-breaking and drilling,forecast the bit performance,quickly and comprehensively analyze the bit design ,optimize the design scheme and reduce the developing time according to formation property and drilling requirement within less time.It can partially substitute bit lab tes and rig test.


Mold development system


With the mold developing system based on 3D software Pro/E,we can carry out 3D solid modeling,NC program generation and cutter contrail simulation.Then these data will be sent to the machining center through numerical control system to realize the fast mold processing.


Material analisis


To control the quality of materials,there is a most rigid way.Direct-reading spectrometer analazes the chemical composition of materials,nondestructive testing(NDT) monitors the quality flaw,might be happened during the process of machining,metallographic analysis control the inner structure in the heat treatment.All these steps increase the stability and reliability of bit performance. 







 By sea,By air ,By train,By truck,and so on

1). By Express like TNT, DHL, UPS, Fedex, Aramex, suitable for small bits total weight less than 45kg

2). By Air, suitable for urgent orders, total weight exceed 45kg

3). By ship, suitable for large quantity, will take more shipping time




The certification:



Our Services


How to choose the type:


shallow well, mainly consider the drilling speed and preventing the mud pack.

deep well,mainly consider the bit footage

When out of the well the outer cutter is broken heavily, should be selected with gage bit

In the ease of deviated section should use small and short cutter bit

In the selection of insert button bit, should use the wedge-shaped cutter

Diamond limestone, appropriate uses double bevel gear, projectile shape tooth bit

Shale more or drilling fluid density is larger, should be selected with a larger amount of slip drill

The formation of limestone, sandstone, should choose smaller slip bit

In drilling hard and high abrasive stratum, appropriate uses ball tooth, double cone tooth head.


 Specification of use:

According to the stratigraphic lithologic data, hydraulic and drilling parameters, choose the type of drill bit.

According to the hydraulic parameters, choose corresponding nozzle .nozzle hole size difference should not be too large, so as to avoid erosion channel.

Before drill down, check the drill bit size, type size is consistent with the well, the nozzle is installed, connected with the drill bit screw thread specification and the joint compliance.

The drill bit should be under well as the operation rules.bit and bottom contact, It must operate 30 minutes under light pressure and slow turning (drilling pressure 5-15kN, speed 60r/min) , then can be gradually increased to the normal  drilling pressure.






 1. How to order the products?
Send the inquiry with detail item description or with Model number.
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2. About delivery time?
Answer :
The delivery time depend on quantity of order. Usually shipped by sea, small order or urgent order we can send you by air after received your agreement.

3.Can I expect a quality products?
Answer :
Yes. All our activities are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 , both in products and services, at the same time, mature production technology ensuring the quality satisfy international request.

4.Trade Terms:

 payment:T/T, L/C. paypal.30%deposits,70%balance before delivering.

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